Understanding Cigarette: Content, Hazards, Addiction

Smoking HazardsTobacco scientifically known as Nicotiana tabacum is a plant cultivated worldwide to be used as a main ingredient in cigarettes. From leaves, it is dried and shredded to create particles that will burnt slowly in smoking. Indeed, plants and herbs can do wonders for men. They can cure sickness, and definitely, can make a person sick. Though tobacco can be used for medicinal purposes, making it an ingredient of cigars makes it a highly dangerous substance to bring a person into his early deathbed.

The Hazard

If you are a person who highly thinks of a healthy lifestyle and trying to live it by eating lots of organic fruits, vegetables, and other products without preservatives, the you have a habit of smoking, you are losing all the effort you have for eating food that will bring you good health. Tobacco contains substances highly hazardous for your organs, especially to your lungs and heart.

Many people are aware that smoking can cause lung and other cancers. Not just cancer, but other illnesses that can weaken the immune system and lessen a person’s life expectancy. In the UK, there are over 100, 000 deaths due to smoking to occur every year, and others will experience diseases like emphysema and cardiovascular problems that slowly, will also take their life.


How can that stick damage a person’s health when inhaled? Well, it is very interesting that a single stick of cigarette contains more than 4000 chemicals with at least 400 toxic substances. Imagine how your lungs will endure all these when you are smoking, not just one, but as many sticks you can in the whole day. As a single cigarette burns when you smoke, what are the dangerous chemicals you are feeding yourself?

  • Cigarette Contentsnicotine: The main reason why cigarette is addictive , nicotine is a drug that works on every part of our nervous system as we inhale cigarette smoke. Since nicotine will get a smoker addicted, quitting the habit will be very difficult. The smoker would likely to look for the pleasurable feelings it bring, and if the smoker’s pact to stop smoking is not that strong, great is the possibility that he will go back to the old habit.
  • tar: the particle from brunt tobacco is carcinogenic. When it is inhaled, it can accumulate to the lungs, damaging it as the smoker continues the vice.
  • carbon monoxide: this non-irritant, odorless, and colorless gas is a cunning life-stealer. It is one of the most common causes of severe poisoning in United Kingdom and other parts of the world today. How, it works, simple, it simply starves the brain with oxygen that will lead to sudden death.


Overpowering the bind of smoking in your life can be one of the most challenging personal battle you will face in your lifetime. The effects of nicotine cannot be easily taken for granted, and you will most likely be surprised that you are lighting a cigarette stick as one finishes. When you start smoking, you probably are aware that it is addictive and can increase your dosage of nicotine over time. However, you must know that you need to quit, do this not only to save you health, but also for the people who cares about you.


~ by ammygage on November 16, 2012.

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